News Electric –

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Hello, if you have a moment, click download, pop the kettle on and enjoy 19 songs for free for you to enjoy till your heart’s content.

News Electric – Silver Set (Click here to download)


This is a collection of demos,  though I’ve sort of packaged it together like an album, in the interest of sharing and in part closing a chapter. I guess i’ve sat on these songs for too long and I just want to share what I’ve wrote. These songs range from when I was 19/20 to about 23/24. I’m now 26.

All the songs, apart from the instrumentals (and 1 cover) are  100% wrote by me Anthony Richardson.  These songs are all available to download in one file. All I ask is for every one person who downloads, they copy the link to someone else to download. We’ll hopefully have a domino effect and it’ll go much further than I can push on my own. I really hope you can do this for me, i’d so very very grateful.

These are by no-means the finished article, they have all been recored using garageband on a macbook, and they all fall under the same format which is a live take with me singing and playing guitar, I then add either 1 or 2 layers with additional guitar/vocals and thats it. There are moments where I’m not delighted with either the vocals or the guitar playing, yet as a collection I am proud of whats here.

These are just the collection that I have recorded and have in someway completed, though there is at least another 10/15 or so songs finished with lyrics that I’ve just never recorded.

There are 19 songs in total, 4 of which are instrumental but these include the amazing Clare Robertson on Cello. We have in the past, and will in the future, be working toether with writing songs under the name of “Amber December”. I’ve decided to put the name “News Electric” behind anything I do personally, as I just never really liked just having my full name for this purpose. I`ve included lyrics for all songs in the file too, again as a means of sharing everything.

I dearly hope you like the songs,

With many, many, many thanks,



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